One of our members donated some plywood and another donated some time and we ended up with birdhouses to paint. We had quite the variety of finished products!

2021-7-8 a birdhouses.JPG
2021-7-8 c birdhouses.JPG
2021-7-8 b birdhouses.JPG
2021-7-8 d birdhouses.JPG
2021-7-8 h birdhouses.JPG
2021-7-8 g birdhouses.JPG
2021-7-8 e birdhouses.JPG
2021-7-8 f birdhouses.JPG
2021-7-8 j birdhouses.JPG
2021-7-8 i birdhouses.JPG
2021-7-8 l birdhouses.JPG
2021-7-8 k birdhouses.JPG
2021-7-8 n birdhouses.JPG
2021-7-8 m birdhouses.JPG
2021-7-8 o birdhouses.JPG
2021-7-8 p birdhouses.JPG
2021-7-8 q birdhouses.JPG
2021-7-8 s birdhouses.JPG
2021-7-8 r birdhouses.JPG
2021-7-8 t birdhouses.JPG
2021-7-8 v birdhouses.JPG
2021-7-8 x birdhouses.JPG
2021-7-8 u birdhouses.JPG
2021-7-8 y birdhouses.JPG
2021-7-8 w birdhouses.JPG
2021-7-8 z birdhouses.JPG

Light exercise class has started again.

Here are a few photos of Denise leading the group

2021-7-8 c exercise.JPG
2021-7-8 b exercise.JPG
2021-7-8 i exercise.JPG
2021-7-8 g exercise.JPG
2021-7-8 d exercise.JPG
2021-7-8 j exercise.JPG
2021-7-8 e exercise.JPG
2021-7-8 a exercise.JPG

The photographs below were all taken prior to the Senior Center's closing due to the Covid-19 pandemic. When the Delta Senior Center is permitted to resume activities we will start posting new photos. Please check back

Our members volunteered their time in March to string beads and make "Bracelets for Ben's Wish". The bracelets become part of a kit donated to parents who have lost a small child to help ease their loss. Thank you for your kindness in helping with this worthwhile project.

2020-2-27 braclets 2.jpg
2020-2-27 braclets 4.jpg
2020-2-27 braclets 3.jpg

Penny, front and center, leads a line dance class at the Delta Senior Center. Not only does this group enjoy their dancing but they are getting quite a workout too!


An all day "Sew Day" was organized by Mary, who as you can see was "pressed" into extra duty. The Sew For Vets group was making items to give the Vets at one of the local Veteran Homes and another part of the day was spent making sewing machine mats, which makes the work easier for those doing the sewing.

2020-2-17 1 Mary pressing (1).JPG
2020-2-17 2 sewing machine mat sample.JP
2020-2-17 3 sewing day.JPG
2020-2-17 4 sewing day.JPG
2020-2-17 6 sewing day.JPG
2020-2-17 5 sewing day.JPG
2020-2-17 9 sewing day.JPG
2020-2-17 8 sewing day.JPG
2020-2-17 10 sewing day.JPG
2020-2-17 7 sewing day.JPG

The Block of the Month is a quilting project where every month a different block of a quilt is made. The photo below is an example of what the finished quilts will resemble. The finished quilts will vary depending on the fabrics and designs each quilters chooses. We will try to update this section as the project progresses.

2020-2-10 sample of finished.jpg
2020-2-10 group 2.jpg
2020-2-10 group 3.jpg
2020-2-10 group 1.jpg

When you hear "Straw Weaving" you may think of weaving straw from a broom but no, this Straw Weaving project used drinking straws.

2020-1-31 straw weaving 3.jpg
2020-1-30 straw weaving 2.jpg
2020-1-30 straw weaving 1.jpg

While "Dining with Susan" the group learned to make Whiskey Balls. They also got to enjoy their creations after they finished.

2020-1-30 dining with susan.jpg

Fittingly, January's craft was a Snowman. These were a different style than December's.

2020-1-23 snowman.jpg

Pickleball is a very active sport enjoyed at the Delta Senior Center. I apologize if some of the photos are blurry but this is a very robust activity and the participants are moving a lot! Imagine indoor tennis with a heavy Wiffle ball and wood paddles and you have Pickleball.

2020-1-21 21.JPG
2020-1-21 19.JPG
2020-1-21 17.JPG
2020-1-21 14.JPG
2020-1-21 16.JPG
2020-1-21 22.JPG
2020-1-21 20.JPG
2020-1-21 15.JPG
2020-1-21 18.JPG
2020-1-21 13.JPG
2020-1-21 9.JPG
2020-1-21 8.JPG
2020-1-21 11.JPG
2020-1-21 6.JPG
2020-1-21 2.JPG
2020-1-21 4.JPG
2020-1-21 12.JPG
2020-1-21 10.JPG
2020-1-21 7.JPG
2020-1-21 5.JPG
2020-1-21 1.JPG
2020-1-21 3.JPG

The folks you see below are taking part in the Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge. It's one of the quicker activities but loads of fun. Each player gets 10 puzzle pieces to put together, then, when they are done, they are allowed to put their finished set in the middle and help others in their group to finish the full puzzle. I think this was a tie!

2020-1-22 4.JPG
2020-1-22 3.JPG
2020-1-22 1.JPG
2020-1-22 2.JPG

For the last game of the NFL season there was a party to watch the Ravens/Steelers rivalry. It was a good time no matter who you were cheering for!

1 R S.jpg
3 R S.jpg
5 R S.jpg
4 R S.jpg
2 R S.jpg
8 R S.jpg
7 R S.jpg
6 R S.jpg
9 R S.jpg

The December Craft project was creating Snowmen.

1 snowmen

The annual Christmas Party was held on December 19th. The event was well attended with a puppet show from Puppet and Story Works to open the festivities and with the Elves from Drayer Therapy giving out the gifts and leading serving the meal. Thanks to all who helped set up, helped during, and helped with the clean up.

Merry Christmas!!!!

2019-12-19 1.JPG

The house was packed

2019-12-19 8.JPG

Dottie with Luke Warmwater

2019-12-19 7.JPG

Steve tells a story about an old Amish couple

2019-12-19 6.JPG

The Big Sad Wolf and Red cuddle

2019-12-19 9.JPG

Hugs were given as well as gifts

2019-12-19 2.JPG

Steve welcomes the crowd

2019-12-19 5.JPG

Dottie and Red Riding Hood

2019-12-19 4.JPG

Steve and Dottie with Clarence and Viola Lovejoy

2019-12-19 11.JPG

The Elves from Drayer Therapy

2019-12-19 10.JPG

I guess the good boys got to sit on the elf's lap!

The Senior Center was swarming with sweaters on December 13th! While some call it an "Ugly Sweater" Contest many were far from ugly and showed some real creativity. The nice young ladies from Drayer Therapy were there to judge the sweaters and hand out prizes.

2019-12-13 a.JPG
2019-12-13 b.JPG
2019-12-13 c.JPG
2019-12-13 d.JPG
2019-12-13 e.JPG
2019-12-13 f.JPG
20190-12-13 h.JPG
2019-12-13 g.JPG
2019-12-13 j.JPG

The winners!

2019-12-13 i.JPG

The Drayer "Grinches" and their trusty pooch Max were the judges

The Annual Christmas Fair was held December 7th this year. As usual the day starts with a Pancake Breakfast. There were plenty of vendors selling not only Christmas items but a wide variety other items as well. The day ended with the popular Basket Raffle.

2019-12-7 1.JPG
2019-12-7 3.JPG
2019-12-7 5.JPG
2019-12-7 4.JPG
2019-12-7 6.JPG
2019-12-7 9.JPG
2019-12-7 12.JPG
2019-12-7 17 a.JPG
2019-12-7 26.JPG
2019-12-7 7.JPG
2019-12-7 10.JPG
2019-12-7 15.JPG
2019-12-7 13.JPG
2019-12-7 27.JPG
2019-12-7 28.jpg
2019-12-7 29.jpg
2019-12-7 24.JPG
2019-12-7 30.jpg

On October 31st we held our annual Halloween Party. The day starts with volunteers filling bags for the children who attend the Halloween party at the Delta/Cardiff VFC. Then we start our festivities. It is a full morning with the Ghost Ring Toss, a Cake Walk,  Pumpkin Bowling, Readings by the Creative Writing group, Pumpkin Painting, and Cockroach Racing (they aren't real cockroaches!). After all that the finale is the Costume Parade then lunch. We also want to thank the young ladies from Drayer Physical Therapy for volunteering their time to help out.

Filling gift bags for the kids

2019-10-31 1 filling bags.JPG
2019-10-31 4 filling bags.JPG
2019-10-31 2 filling bags.JPG
2019-10-31 3 filling bags.JPG

Lora was our Master of Ceremonies

2019-10-31 6 Laura Master of Ceremonies.
2019-10-31 5 prize tale.JPG

Ring Toss

2019-10-31 9 ring toss.JPG
2019-10-31 10 ring toss.JPG

Cake Walk

2019-10-31 14 cake walk.JPG
2019-10-31 13 cake walk.JPG

Richard reads one of his ghost stories

2019-10-31 15 Richard reading ghost stor

Pumpkin Bowling

2019-10-31 17 pumpkin bowling.JPG
2019-10-31 16 pumpkinn bowling.JPG
2019-10-31 21 pumpkin bowling.JPG
2019-10-31 20 pumpkin bowling.JPG

Pumpkin Painting

2019-10-31 22 pumpkin painting.JPG
2019-10-31 23 painted pumpkins.JPG
2019-10-31 25 painted pupkins.JPG
2019-10-31 26 painted pumpkins.JPG

Cockroach Racing

2019-10-31 27 cockroach racing.JPG
2019-10-31 28 cockroach racing.JPG

The Costume Parade!!

2019-10-31 31 costume parade.JPG
2019-10-31 30 costume parade.JPG
2019-10-31 34 costume parade.JPG
2019-10-31 29 costume parade.JPG
2019-10-31 32 costume parade.JPG
2019-10-31 33 costume parade.JPG
2019-10-31 35 costume parade.JPG
2019-10-31 36 costume parade.JPG
2019-10-31 37 costume parade.JPG
2019-10-31 38 costume parade.JPG
2019-10-31 40 costume parade.JPG
2019-10-31 39 costume parade.JPG
2019-10-31 42 costume parade.JPG
2019-10-31 43 costume parade.JPG

And the winners are!!!!!

left to right

Scariest, Best, Sexiest, Funniest, Most Original

2019-10-31 44 costume winners.JPG

Last but not least thanks to

Amanda, Brittany, and Jessie

from Drayer Physical Therapy for donating their time

2019-10-31 Drayer ladies.JPG

On October 5th 2019 the Delta Senior Center held its Fall Yard Sale. Many volunteers make this event a popular fundraiser for the Senior Center. Thanks to all the volunteers and the customers who help support the Delta Senior Center!

2019-10-5 a sorting.jpg

These ladies, Jane (L), Virginia (C), and Judy (R) donate untold hours sorting, pricing, and preparing all the donations.

2019-10-5 c setup.jpg

Friday morning volunteers put out the items for sale

2019-10-5 e setup.jpg

Halloween items were popular

2019-10-5 g lined up

The early birds are lined up to go inside and the outdoor sale is already going.

2019-10-5 b setup.jpg

All the donations are ready to be unboxed

2019-10-5 d setup.jpg

Some of the Fall type items for sale

2019-10-5 f ready to go.jpg

Ready to go

2019-10-5 h shoppers.jpg

The sale is on!!

2019-10-5 i checkout.jpg

Checkout! Volunteers Maxine (L), Sabrina (C), and Ann (R) help out at one of three checkouts.

Through generous donations materials are provided for a Floral Arrangement program. All you need to bring is your container and you take your arrangement home with you!

2019-9-12 Floral Arranging.jpg

Several times a week Assistant Director Denise Burkins leads the Light Exercise group. A little light exercise might be just what you are looking for. Check the calendar for days and times.

2019-9-11 lt exer 4crop.jpg
2019-9-11 lt exer 2crop.jpg
2019-9-11 lt exer 3crop.jpg
2019-9-11 lt exer 1crop.jpg

On September 5, 2019 we were pleased to have Jessica and Kate from Wellspan present the program "Stop The Bleed". The program provided valuable information and some hands on training on how to react to situations where critical bleeding is present.

2019-9-5 Stop the Bleed a1.jpg
2019-9-5 Stop the Bleed c.JPG

Denise (C) introduces Jessica (L) and Kate (R) from Wellspan

2019-9-5 Stop the Bleed i.JPG

Getting some hands on feel for a tourniquet

2019-9-5 Stop the Bleed e.JPG

Kate explains how to apply a tourniquet 

2019-9-5 Stop the Bleed f.JPG

Some successfully applied touniquets

2019-9-5 Stop the Bleed b.JPG

The morning and afternoon sessions were both well attended

2019-9-5 Stop the Bleed h.JPG

Jessica with one of the simulated limbs with a wound

2019-9-5 Stop the Bleed g.JPG

Jessica demonstrating how to apply pressure to a wound

2019-9-5 Stop the Bleed d.JPG

Practicing packing a wound with gauze

Our Beautiful New Parking Lot Aug. 1, 2016

Christmas Fair 2016

Christmas Fair 2016
Christmas Fair 2016

Mrs. Santa???

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Christmas Fair 2016
Christmas Fair 2016
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Christmas Fair 2016
Christmas Fair 2016
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Christmas Bears 2016
Christmas Bears 2016
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Christmas Fair 2016
Christmas Fair 2016

Bear Lady

press to zoom
Christmas Fair 2016
Christmas Fair 2016

One of Mrs. Santa's elves

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Christmas Fair 2016
Christmas Fair 2016

Happy Shoppers

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2017 Fashion Show

Marge and Mel
Kim, Shirley and Bud
Line Dancers
Bud and Grace
Hope and Marge
From burlap covered foam board
To Framed Initial Door Hanger
One of the Center's many crafts!

We Are